Noah – The first BuJew

There is a healthy tension between the Bu and the Jew inside the "Jewbu". Most of the times they enrich one the other: the "Bu" provide the clarity for a truly Jewish practices. And the "Jew" provide the anchor a believer needs while approaching Buddhism. But the tension exist and there are conflicts. One of the fascinating difference I notice seems as a very minor issue, but beneath it probably hides a deep and a rooted distinction. The famous conflict between Noah and Abraham.

When an advanced student come to the Rabbi, telling him that he has difficulties, many times the Rabbi will point him outside, towards the others: to teach, to help or to give Tzaddaka, all three from the little he have. By giving the other, he will be guided, he will receive the most. On the other hand, the same student approaching a Buddhist teacher is guided to look inside, to withdraw to a monastery or some kind of inner examination. In other words, to build an ark.

There are, and we can provide plenty explanations about the difference between Abraham and Noah. But the interesting question is the profound difference between Judaism and Buddhism on this issue.

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